Urban Digital are experts at identifying and attracting high-calibre senior executives to fill challenging and business critical vacancies across the digital and technology marketplace.

Executive search is a form of retained search, meaning that an upfront sum or partial payment is required to conduct the assignment.

Executive Search is frequently used for business critical/senior leadership roles. This is because there are many benefits to executive search, which includes some of the following:

  1. The upfront structure of retained search ensures that the placement takes higher priority than commission-based placements. 
  2. The focus of a retained search is quality. You’ll often be working with the best of the best recruiters with a high success rate. When it’s crucial to get the right candidate for a high-stakes role, retained search offers a lower risk of a bad hire, and thus a higher certainty and comfort level.
  3. When there’s not a race to complete the search/multiple agencies working on the same vacancy, more time can be taken to ensure the very best and most qualified candidate is found — greatly benefiting the company in the long-run. 
  4. Retained search recruiters will provide you with more helpful information throughout the process, including market intelligence, competition, timelines and so on, offering you a genuine partnership.

Our Executive Search Process

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Why use Urban Digital for your Executive Search assignment?

We treat every assignment as a bespoke project – Starting with a rigorous research process from scratch every time, to find the best possible talent for your business.

Industry specialists – We work exclusively across the digital and technology market, with each consultant having 15_+ years’ experience in this space, supported by extensive networks of relevant, industry talent.

Passive Candidates – We identify candidates who are not always actively looking for a new role, but are in our vast network and open to a conversation for the right opportunity or are referred to us via our existing candidate relationships.

Focused on cultural fit – We find the very best person for your specific business, rather than just great candidates who could be suitable for any number of businesses. Our focus is to place a candidate in your company, who is a genuine fit and with you for many years to come.

Prior Success – The team at Urban Digital have been working on 6-figure, leadership roles for many years. We adapt to each client’s style of working and understand the pain around securing the ‘right’ person. We are empathetic, efficient, and consultative at all times.


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