Our Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Commitment

Working Mums

Only 5% of leadership positions in the UK technology industry are held by women. This needs to change. At Urban Digital, we know first-hand the challenges of balancing a busy career with raising a family. It is because of our own experiences that we are so passionate about supporting others. We partner with businesses to help them find flexible solutions in order to continue to source, secure and retain this highly talented workforce – of working mums/parents.

Working Mothers

Diversity & Inclusion
in the Workplace

Workforce diversity means being inclusive, in terms of age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. A diverse cross-section of talent allows enhanced perspective and performance within the workplace. As such, Urban Digital work closely with businesses in order to attract and retain a diverse workforce.

Mental Health
in the Workplace

As we continue to embrace our new normal, many people are finding themselves affected directly and/or indirectly by the global pandemic the ongoing lockdown restrictions and our new fully remote working world. Urban Digital are proud to partner with companies, who go above and beyond in order to support their employees, through any difficult periods of their life.

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