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One of my dearest friends in the world, Laura, who I’m incredibly proud to also be able to call my business partner, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, only days before Xmas!

Having been by her side for much of the journey so far,  I’ve witnessed first-hand how gruelling the treatment has been for her, both physically and mentally.

She has endured weeks of relentless chemotherapy, followed by the more recent and vicious rounds of EC, ensuring any remaining cells are obliterated, taking some of her beautiful hair with it.

Through much of her treatment, Laura has continued to work for Urban Digital, supporting her clients and candidates on her recovery days.

As much as possible, Laura has also continued to be a hands-on mummy to her gorgeous 4-year-old daughter but has had to miss out on months of playdates/children’s parties and social gatherings, for fear of catching any other illnesses, that her body would now struggle to fight.

As hair-loss has started to become an unwanted and devastating reality for Laura, it seems poignant to share my Macmillan Cancer fundraising page during mental health awareness week. Over the last 5+ months, Laura has strived to put on a brave face, but understandably is experiencing some very dark days.

Whilst Laura’s cancer has visibly gone and her outcome looks very bright, it’s awful that a fit and seemingly healthy 40-year-old, in the prime of her life, has been hit by this dreaded disease, robbing her of her normality and any plans she had made for 2023. An operation is still pending, and more recovery time is required.

Shockingly, Cancer strikes 1 in 2 Men, and 1 in 3 Women, with large numbers of patients having a less than positive outcome. Terrifying odds!

With all the above in mind, I will be hiking half a marathon in the Gower Peninsula in July, in the hope of raising lots and lots of money for Macmillan Cancer!

Any donation you can kindly give via our Just Giving link, will go directly to the charity and will help to make a difference to those battling with this awful disease.

Please give anything you can to help this almighty cause – plus I’m walking a bloody long way in ‘sunny’ Wales, so need all the encouragement I can get 😅⛰️🏴🤪

Rebecca x

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Bloom Mentoring

Rebecca, has been accepted as a Bloom mentor. Bloom is a network to provide professional support for women within the communications industry.

Over the next 12 month, she will be giving some of her time to help the next generation of rising stars find the skills to grow and achieve their own career goals.