How to build your network remotely

Published on October 26, 2021 by Becky

During the last few years more of us have begun working remotely.  It is true that a good network is a solid part of your career success. Having a strong network helps to both learn and grow in your career.

You might think working from home means less opportunities to network and meet people in your industry.

But, there are more opportunities than you think.

Thanks to all the tech we have available and the ever growing online world, there are more ways than ever to build your network remotely.

Here are 5 ideas to build your network remotely:

  1. Go to online events

Online events have really developed over the last few years. There is now tech that can take you virtually around a conference hall to see stands or hear talks.

Some online events also have breakout rooms where you can talk to others and discuss the topics. Breakout rooms often start with icebreaker questions and introductions to help get the conversation flowing.

You might even feel more confident doing this behind a keyboard than in person.

  1. Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn has a group for basically everything. Whatever industry you are in, or niche you are interested in, there would be a group. And if there isn’t – create one! In these groups you can start discussions, answer questions and chat with others with similar interests.

  1. Go to webinars and follow up

When you attend webinars, be the person who asks helpful questions at the end. Webinar leaders will like someone opening up the conversation.

If you attend a really interesting webinar, follow up with the webinar leader afterwards. You could ask further questions, find out when the next one will be or tell them you enjoyed it. You might want to connect with them on LinkedIn after you have introduced yourself. It is a great way to meet interesting people doing interesting things!

  1. Host an online social event

2020 moved the majority of us online, even temporarily. This meant that socials started to take place online and businesses offering virtual cocktail making, escape rooms and quiz nights grew.

You could host an online social event for the company you work for and get to know some more of the team.

The online event could feature breakout rooms or even speed networking with other co workers.

  1. Listen to industry podcasts

There are thousands of great podcasts out there and you are bound to find one that is of professional interest to you.

When you have found an interesting and relevant podcast, reach out to the host. Ask questions, tell them you enjoyed it and connect with them on LinkedIn.

You can see a list of great tech podcasts on The Muse.

Building your network remotely

Building your network remotely doesn’t have to be hard or awkward. There are lots of new and innovative ways to do it.

While building your network and attending events, webinars and listening to podcasts you will also be learning from industry leaders. Learning is always going to help you have a successful career.

How do you network remotely? Does it come naturally to you?

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Published on October 26, 2021 by how-to-build-your-network-remotely

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